Feasibility assessments for prospective clinical research study predict the real potential for success

It is critical that researchers conduct a thorough feasibility assessment of any prospective clinical research studies, whether they be single site, collaborative or sponsored by commercial industry partners.

There are a great number of considerations that must be weighed up before making a determination as to whether a specific study should be conducted.

Studies that do not have the potential to be successfully completed are unethical and waste both time and resources.

It is not intended that these tools be used in isolation to make any feasibility determination, but rather should complement the normal review process, to ensure that all relevant aspects have been given due consideration.

General Protocol Feasibility Assessment Tool

Use this tool to evaluate some of the key issues affecting the feasibility of your research study .

Feasibility Tool to predict participant enrolment for Clinical Trials

This tool offers a realistic estimate on the potential to enrol participants.

At the RMH, we are taking a highly sophisticated, robust, consistent and objective approach to this process, rather than accepting new studies after only a cursory, arbitrary or subjective review. Undertaking this critical appraisal will help ensure that we are in a position to meet or exceed our enrolment predictions.

The Office for Research has developed a novel Clinical Trial Recruitment Predictor Tool , which we encourage researchers to utilise before committing to undertaking any sponsored studies. The user-friendly tool has 12 criteria (weighted on importance) which should be assessed (each on a 10 point scale), to help inform and provide guidance on the accrual potential of a given study.


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