The Office for Research has monthly deadlines for submission of new research project applications for review by the Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee.

Important information regarding submissions to the December 2019 HREC meeting

The Office for Research confirms that there is no cap on the number of projects that will be accepted for review by the Melbourne Health HREC at its meeting on Wednesday 11th December 2019. However, we are anticipating a large number of applications for this meeting and advise that the submission criteria will be applied strictly and in full, without exception. It is essential that anyone intending to submit an ethics application for review at the December HREC meeting notes the following important information regarding project submissions:

  • The December submission deadline is strictly 11.00 am AEST, Wednesday 27th November 2019. Submissions received after this time will not be accepted.
  • Submissions which do not comply in full with all required and applicable submission requirements will not be accepted.
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to ensure that their applications adhere to the instructions on the Office for Research website and that all required documentation is submitted and in the format required (e.g. full application by email and full application uploaded onto ERM).
  • Any application received by the deadline but missing relevant documents or otherwise not fully compliant with submission requirements will not be accepted.
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to carefully check their applications and submit them as early as possible and before the deadline. This will allow projects to be reviewed in a timely manner prior to the meeting and provide an opportunity for any problems identified to be addressed prior to the deadline.

2019 HREC submission and meeting dates - 11 am deadline

Submission dateMeeting date
Wednesday 30 JanuaryWednesday 13 February
Wednesday 27 FebruaryWednesday 13 March
Wednesday 27 MarchWednesday 10 April
Wednesday 1 MayWednesday 15 May
Wednesday 29 MayWednesday 12 June
Wednesday 26 JuneWednesday 10 July
Wednesday 31 JulyWednesday 14 August
Wednesday 28 AugustWednesday 11 September
Wednesday 25 SeptemberWednesday 9 October
Wednesday 30 OctoberWednesday 13 November
Wednesday 27 NovemberWednesday 11 December

2020 HREC submission and meeting dates - 11 am deadline

Submission date (always a Wednesday)Meeting date
29 January 202012 February 2020
26 February 202011 March 2020
25 March 20208 April 2020
29 April 202013 May 2020
27 May 202010 June 2020
24 June 20208 July 2020
29 July 202012 August 2020
26 August 20209 September 2020
30 September 202014 October 2020
28 October 202011 November 2020
25 November 20209 December 2020

Review process

Submission of a new research project by the 11.00 a.m. deadline is not a guarantee that a project will be accepted for review by the HREC at its next meeting.

Following the submission deadline each month, all projects received will be carefully checked to ensure that projects meet the criteria required to allow a thorough review of the project. Any project not meeting these criteria in full will not be accepted for review at the next HREC meeting and will be returned to the principal researcher for attention.

Research governance or site specific assessment

There is no deadline for governance applications. Complete and submit your research governance application as early as possible.

Protocol amendments, replies to queries and serious adverse event reports

There is no deadline for these items and can be submitted at any time. Correspondence will be reviewed by the relevant project Spokesperson(s) as soon as possible after it is received. Final approval will be determined at the next scheduled meeting of the Human Research Ethics Committee following review by the Spokesperson(s).