Research governance is a framework through which institutions are accountable for the scientific quality, ethical acceptability and safety of the research they allow to be conducted under their auspices. 

Good research governance is an essential component of the responsible conduct of research. It enhances ethical and scientific quality, promotes good research practice and accountability, reduces adverse incidents and ensures lessons are learned, thus reducing the likelihood of poor performance and research misconduct.

Research governance is a way of thinking about and managing research and applies to all individuals involved in research – staff and students, in all professional groups, no matter how senior or junior. Research governance is about how research is conducted and about facilitating good (ethical and worthwhile) research. It is about responsibility and about managing risk.

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COVID-19 Guidance for Research Studies including Clinical Trials

For updates on how COVID-19 impacts research (including review of research governance applications) and updated requirements at Melbourne Health please visit our COVID-19 webpage.

Apply for Research Governance Approval

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