The RMH Research Equipment Grant scheme is an initiative that supports equipment purchases to facilitate high quality and innovative research at RMH. 


Applications to the Research Equipment Grant scheme are subject to meeting a number of eligibility requirements.

Grant applications will only be accepted by a Head of Department - this includes departments that sit in the Divisions of NorthWestern Mental Health and VIDRL. Only one application per department can be submitted.

The Equipment must primarily be for the facilitation of research activities. The item must be an asset - not a consumable - and be valued at equal to or greater than $5,000. Software purchases can be considered under this scheme however the cost must only be a one-off purchase. This scheme will not support subscriptions.


Applications will be adjudicated by Peer Reviewers who will assess applications to the extent to which they address the criteria below.

  • Need and relevance (30%)
  • Significance and innovation to health (30%)
  • Use and management (20%)
  • Due diligence (20%)

Conditions of Award

For successful applicants, funding will be only be released upon receipt of an approved Asset Acquisition and Approval Form (available only on the RMH Intranet) that has been processed in accordance with the EF2 Approval Workflow. Asset purchases must be fully approved by relevant Service Departments before funding will be released.

The grant offer will be withdrawn if the appropriate signatories do not sign off on the purchase of the item and the Asset Acquisition and Approval Form is rejected.

Funding Available in 2021

The total funding available for the 2021 Round is $110,000.

Important Dates

Applications open3:00 PM, Wednesday 11 August 2021
Closing date for submissions12:00 AM (midnight) Monday, 13 September 2021
Notification of outcome30 November 2021

Essential Reading and Funding documentation

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