Successful applicants are required to report annually on their research activities as part of the conditions of award to account for the expenditure and to describe any achievements, publications, conferences and collaborations arising out of the project.

These reports are important as continued funding of the project and the eligibility to compete for future funding is reliant upon their completion.

Report/Request typeDue DateHow to submit
Progress Report31 January reporting for the previous calendar yearProgress Report Form via SmartyGrants
Final ReportDue within 3 months after the end of the projectFinal Report Form via SmartyGrants
Travel Grant ReportDue within 1 month upon return from travelTravel Grant Report via SmartyGrants
Financial Report (Acquittance)31 January accounting for previous calendar yearFinancial Report and email to RAO
Grant Variation RequestAs needed or if requesting an extension, at least 1 month prior to end of date of the awardGrant Variation Request Form via SmartyGrants

If the forms required for submission through SmartyGrants are not available in your account after your have logged in, notify the RAO and request the form to be added.

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