One of the Centre's chief aims is to undertake collaborative research, including the provision of study design and statistical support to research partners

Services provided include:

  • Clinical epidemiology - this refers to the application of epidemiology to a clinical setting, with the emphasis being on medically defined populations, as opposed to general or otherwise defined (eg, sociologically) populations. Clinical epidemiology uses biostatistics as a key tool, and encompasses clinical trials and evidence-based practice (EBP). EBP involves the systematic interpretation of clinical research data to help inform best patient care.

  • Health services research - health services research refers to the study of health services utilisation and their determinants.
  • Health economics - the study of the costs and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

The Centre also aims to:

  • undertake health services research, including program evaluation and health economics.
  • promote quality and safety in healthcare, including evidence-based practice.
  • provide training in the above areas, including via doctoral and post-doctoral supervision.

The Centre seeks to promote quality, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in healthcare, both within the RMH and beyond.

In addition, the Melbourne EpiCentre strives to achieve and maintain academic excellence by leading and participating in collaborative research; teaching and training undergraduate and postgraduate students; and through success in obtaining competitive grant funding.

Date of Publication: Mar 2016
Tropea, J., Brand, C. A., Bohensky, M., Van Doornum, S.

Background: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is associated with an increased risk of myocardial infarction (MI) and post-MI fatality compared with the general population. In a previous study examining post-MI treatment in RA compared with controls we noted that a higher proportion of the RA patients had experienced MI following a surgical procedure.

Date of Publication: Jun 2016
Gilbert, J., Balasubramanian, T., Seal, E., Gorelik, A., Judson, R., Snell, T.
Date of Publication: Jun 2016
Hakami, T., O',Brien, T. J., Petty, S. J., Sakellarides, M., Christie, J., Kantor, S., Todaro, M., Gorelik, A., Seibel, M. J., Yerra, R., Wark, J. D.

Long-term anti-epileptic drug (AED) therapy is associated with increased fracture risk. This study tested whether substituting the newer AED levetiracetam has less adverse effects on bone than older AEDs. An open-label randomized comparative trial.

Date of Publication: May 2016
Wright, E. K., Kamm, M. A., De Cruz, P., Hamilton, A. L., Ritchie, K. J., Keenan, J. I., Leach, S., Burgess, L., Aitchison, A., Gorelik, A., Liew, D., Day, A. S., Gearry, R. B.

Background: Fecal biomarkers are used increasingly to monitor Crohn's disease (CD). However, the relative accuracy of different markers in identifying inflammation has been poorly evaluated. We evaluated fecal calprotectin (FC), lactoferrin (FL), and S100A12 (FS) using endoscopic validation in a prospective study of the progression of CD after intestinal resection.

Date of Publication: Mar 2016
Jayasinghe, Y., Rangiah, C., Gorelik, A., Ogilvie, G., Wark, J. D., Hartley, S., Garland, S. M.
Background: Revised Australian guidelines have been announced under the Renew program to commence screening at 25 years of age with HPV testing in 5-yearly intervals, in 2017. We conducted a study of young Victorian women to assess attitudes towards a change in cervical screening practice.


DHHS Grant: Dementia care pathway for use in acute care. (2014-2017)

NHMRC Project Grant: Autoimmune rheumatic disease and outcomes following acute myocardial infarction (2012-2016)

Arthritis Australia:  Costs of arthritis economic impact study (2015-2016)

AstraZeneca Pty Ltd: Cost-effectiveness of novel treatments for ovarian cancer (2014-2016)

Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation: Risk of joint replacement surgery for osteoarthritis  administered by medicine (2016)

Arthritis Australia : Costs of arthritis economic impact study (2015-2016)


NHMRC - Public Health (Australia) Fellowship: The impact of severe osteoarthritis on the lives of Australians (2008-2015)

Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd Clinical Trial Grant: Time to demand treatment for patients with newly diagnosed RA in Australia: an updated analysis and cost estimate (2012-2015)

Arthritis Victoria : Information needs of women with rheumatoid arthritis concerning pregnancy and post-natal care (2013-2014)

Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd: Cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation therapy in Australia (2013)

Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd: Cost-effectiveness of antimicrobials for gram-positive hospital infections (2013)

Arthritis Australia - Grant in Aid: Hip and knee osteoarthritis in younger people: wellbeing, work limitations and preferences for self-management education (2013)