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Ethics Review Manager must now be used to submit new research ethics and governance applications

Online Forms will no longer be accepted by Victorian and Queensland ethics committees. Researchers will need to log into Ethics Review Manager (ERM) to create new ethics and governance applications.

ERM is the new platform adopted by the DHHS for use by all hospital ethics committees in Victoria. All ethics and governance data has been migrated from Online Forms to ERM.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you have submitted a VIC or QLD Online Forms application in the past, you will automatically have an ERM account. Your new ERM account will have the same log in details as your old Online Forms account. Contact the Infonetica Helpdesk if you have forgotten your log in details.
  • The DHHS Victoria is providing support and training during and after the ERM roll-out and will provide information sessions for researchers, study coordinators, heads of departments (providing digital signature), sponsors, CROs etc.
  • All jurisdictions that participate in National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) are committed to working cooperatively. DHHS is working with other state/territory Departments of Health to ensure that there is minimal disruption for NMA applications. For help and support for National Mutual Acceptance, please contact DHHS, Victoria: (t) 03 9096 7394 (e)

Help and Support

Infonetica HelpdeskERM technical support including logins02 9037
DHHSEthics enquiries relating to ERM03 9096

ERM training sessions for researchers/coordinators

It is essential that all staff involved in the application of ethics and governance approval learn how to use the new platform and are strongly encouraged to attend a training session.

The Department of Health and Human Services has arranged online training sessions for research applicants using the new ERM system. You can join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Training Schedule

DateTime (AEST)Web Address or Dial inAccess Code
Thu 2 August2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Phone: 02 8355 1050

Thu 9 August10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Phone: 02 9087 3604

Thu 16 August2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Phone: 02 8355 1038

Thu 30 August10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Phone: 02 9087 3604

The sessions will cover:
  • Getting started in ERM
  • How to create and submit an ethics application
  • How to transfer and accept an SSA
  • Post approval
  • Use of the minimal dataset form (MDF)
Coordinating Office for Clinical Trial Research
Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
Telephone: 03 9096 7394
Updated 1 August 2018: Use of ERM suspended for Post Approval processes

The new ethics and governance submission system, ERM, (Ethics Research Manager) went live last month and the system is mandatory for all new ethics and governance applications. While the platform was originally intended to include post approval submissions i.e. amendments, safety reports, breach reports , progress/final reports etc , the Melbourne Health Office for Research, together with other certified Victoria research offices, has decided not to use the system for review of post approval submissions until ERM is upgraded appropriately and tailored to manage site requirements.

Please note, the Office for Research intend's to use the ERM system for this purpose in the future provided that the system is fit for purpose in early 2019 – we will issue further advice about the actual start date for managing post approval submissions through ERM when a decision has been made. In the meantime, we strongly recommend researchers/coordinators ensure they have access to all of their projects via ERM in anticipation of the change. All existing Melbourne Health projects (ie projects originally submitted through Online Forms) have been migrated to the new ERM database and should be accessible to you. If you have trouble logging into ERM or cannot see the project listed under your log in or have any other difficulties using ERM – please contact the Infonetica Helpdesk directly by email: or telephone: (02) 9037 8404.

In summary researchers and coordinators are asked to revert back to our original POST APPROVAL processes as per instructions on the RMH website.

Updated 8 June 2018: Peer Review and Statistical Review required for all projects

Effective 27 June 2018 deadline, all research protocols will require:

  1. Peer review before submission to the Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), and evidence of this review must be submitted with the application using the Peer Review Proforma. Please refer to the Peer Review Process document
  2. Statistical review before submission to the Melbourne Health HREC, and evidence of this review must be submitted with the application using the Statistical Review Proforma. Please refer to the Statistical Review Process document.

Projects which have already had a rigorous independent review of the research protocol do not need to undergo additional peer or statistical review prior to submission. This applies to commercially sponsored research projects as well as a number of other exceptions – these are outlined in the Submission Process documents for the respective processes.