Final RMH HREC meeting for 2022 & Office for Research closure over the New Year period

Royal Melbourne Hospital HREC - December 2022 Meeting

The final RMH HREC meeting for 2022 is scheduled for Wednesday, 14th December 2022. We are anticipating a large number of applications for this meeting and advise that the submission criteria will be applied strictly and in full, without exception. It is essential that anyone intending to submit an ethics application for review at the December HREC meeting notes the following important information regarding project submissions:

  • The December submission deadline is strictly 11AM Wednesday, 30th November.
  • Submissions received after this time will not be accepted.
  • Submissions which do not comply in full with all required and applicable submission requirements will not be accepted.
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to ensure applications adhere to the instructions on the Office for Research website. All required documentation is to be submitted in the format required.

Please note that the Office for Research requires applications to be both uploaded into ERM and in addition emailed to

  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to carefully check applications and submit them as early as possible and before the deadline. This will allow projects to be reviewed in a timely manner prior to the meeting and provide an opportunity for any queries to be addressed prior to the deadline.
  • HREC meeting dates for 2023 are available on the Office for Research website:

Office for Research closure December 2022 – January 2023

  • The Office will close for business from 12PM Wednesday, 21st December 2022 and reopen Monday, 9th January 2023.
  • Closing date for new Quality Assurance applications: Monday, 5th December 2022.
  • Closing date for new Governance applications: Monday, 12th December 2022.
  • Budget review services and invoice requests may be submitted at any time, however requests received after Friday, 16th December may not be actioned until early/mid-January 2023.
  • Other correspondence, including amendments, safety reports and replies to ethics and governance queries, can be submitted at any time but please note reviews may take longer than usual.
  • The deadline for submissions to the February 2023 meeting of the HREC is 11AM Wednesday, 25th January 2023

What if my matter is URGENT?

Urgent matters, such as issues impacting patient safety and wellbeing, will be reviewed as soon as possible.

Researchers are asked to contact the Office for Research in person or via telephone to ensure that urgent matters are brought to the attention of the appropriate team member so they can be reviewed and actioned in a timely manner.

Annual and final reporting process

  • Reports for all projects are due on the 31st March each year

The Office for Research is streamlining the timeframes for submitting annual progress reports by implementing the same annual due date for all projects. This change is effective immediately. Progress reports for all projects are now due on 31 March each year. Meaning, annual progress reports will no longer be due by the anniversary of HREC approval.

Investigators are asked to submit the final site report with the annual progress report to this deadline unless an acknowledgement is required earlier.

  • Submit reports via Ethics Review Manager (ERM) only

All reports are to be submitted via ERM. The Office for Research no longer requires an email copy of the report.

For details and instructions refer to the Progress & Final Reports page.