The Office for Research provides important resources to assist investigators and research personnel with conducting research.

Protocol development

Consumer Engagement

Reasons for involvement of consumers in research include:

  1. It makes for better research
  2. There is a strong moral case based on social justice for doing so
  3. It is increasingly being demanded by funding bodies
  4. it is a requirement of the National Clinical Trials Governance Framework

Statistical support

Statistical input:

  • should be appropriate to the study.
  • be sought during the design stage of the project and prior to the submission of the project.
  • will assist with development of the research question(s), selection of study design, sample size calculation and statistical analysis plan.

For RMH researchers, the RMH has made arrangements for the MISCH (Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health), at the University of Melbourne, to provide statistical support.

MISCH can provide collaborative Biostatistics and Health Economics research support, research and grant development, analysis and publication. For more information or to contact MISCH visit the website.

Literature Review support

Comprehensive / systematic literature review support can be provided by:

Training at the RMH