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Grade one physiotherapy

We have over 30 grade one physiotherapy staff working across a range of clinical areas at our Parkville and Royal Park sites. Grade one staff provide preferences for rotations and work across a 7-day service model.


Reunited with lifesaving team News article

For Anthony, what started out as a regular trip to his local cafe, quickly became a terrifying series of events.


Aggressive and violent behaviour

We are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients and consumers. To do this, we need to ensure the safety of the people who provide that care.



Wellbeing is about more than just about physical health - it is combination of physical, mental, emotional and social health factors that together reflect how you feel. 


Psychology RMH Service

We provide care and support to identify and manage emotional, psychological or behavioural factors impacting patients' or consumer’s wellbeing or engagement with treatment and self-management.


Hospital Medical Officers

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) employs Hospital Medical Officers / Medical Officers (HMOs) who rotate through 4 specialty rotations of 13 weeks.



Volunteers are a highly valued part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) team. Our volunteers are drawn from our diverse community and play an important role in improving people’s experience of care.


Stage 2 and 3 registrars

After first year, we have the capacity to rotate registrars through a broad range of positions that meet the RANZCP Stage 2 training requirements in consultation-liaison, child and adolescent and old age psychiatry training.


Freedom of Information (FOI)

You have the right to access your medical records held by the Royal Melbourne Hospital under the FOI Act.

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