Compulsory treatment is psychiatric treatment required by law. It is usually done to protect a person's safety and might involve them taking medication or going to hospital.

A person may receive compulsory treatment under the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 if a mental health professional or an authorised psychiatrist (usually the consultant psychiatrist) believe specific criteria apply and there is not a less restrictive way for the person to receive treatment.

The following video gives an overview of compulsory treatment, the criteria and the different services available to support people that are on either an Assessment Order, a Temporary Treatment Order or a Treatment Order.

What to expect if you find yourself receiving compulsory treatment, your rights throughout the legal process and some tips to help you navigate treatment and take control of your mental health.

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Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA): Self-help tool
An online self-help tool to help people understand their options when receiving compulsory treatment. The tool helps people to learn about their rights and find solutions to some of the most common issues in the mental health system.
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Last updated 02 November 2022