We provide extended residential treatment, supervision and support for people with severe and persistent symptoms of mental illness.

Key points

  • We represent the highest level of care in mainstream mental health services
  • We provide a high level of care and a secure environment for people whose needs cannot be met by less restrictive programs and services
  • Our staff work with consumers, families and carers to set goals and improve functioning and quality of life with the expectation that they will return to their community

What we do

At Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit (AMHRU), we provide medium to long-term residential treatment and rehabilitation for people with continual and severe symptoms of mental illness.

We provide:

  • Extended clinical treatment, supervision and support for people whose needs cannot be met by less restrictive programs and services
  • Care in a closed or secure environment

We do not provide the same elements of service as a secure forensic facility. However, we do provide a locked environment with carefully considered access from consumers, staff and visitors.

Who can use our service

People who need the level of care we provide meet the criteria for compulsory treatment that cannot be provided in a less restrictive environment under the Mental Health Act 2014

Often this includes people who:

  • Find it hard to live independently, in the community or in a less restrictive environment
  • Are at high risk of harming themselves or others
  • Have co-morbid conditions such as drug and alcohol problems, acquired brain injury or intellectual disability

Where we are located

Our service is located in Sunshine.

How we work

We maintain close working relationships with relevant statewide specialist services such as Forensicare, Victorian Dual Disability Service (VDDS), Drug and Alcohol services and Spectrum Personality Disorder Service to aid recovery goals and optimise the treatment and care provided to individuals.

In addition, we work collaboratively with other services such as:

  • Mental Health Community Support Services
  • General Practitioners
  • Integrated Community Teams
  • Housing Services
  • Disability Employment services
  • Centrelink
  • State Trustees


We accept referrals for this service

Call Triage on 1300 874 243 to discuss a new referral.

If your patient is currently seeing a clinician at one of our clinics and you would like to discuss treatment or care plans, contact the appropriate local mental health service directly and ask to speak to the key clinician, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

For out of hours support, call Triage. If your patient is presenting in an emergency situation, call 000 for an immediate response.

Special referral instructions

HealthPathways Melbourne provides guidance on best practice assessment and management of common medical conditions, including when and where to refer patients.

Parkville Connect is a secure web-based portal providing GPs, specialists and other health professionals with information in the Parkville electronic medical record (EMR).

Contact us
Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit (AMHRU)
Sunshine Hospital
(03) 9345 1900
Sunshine Hospital
176 Furlong Rd, St Albans, Victoria
Last updated 02 November 2022