If you're on a waitlist for a planned surgery or procedure at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, we may contact you via SMS (text message) to confirm whether you want to remain on the waitlist.

Planned surgery waitlists

Patients who will undergo a planned surgery or procedure will be placed on a waitlist. Your place on the waitlist will depend on how urgently you need the surgery.

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Learn more about waitlists for planned surgery, including how long you can expect to wait and what to do while waiting for your procedure.

While you're on a waitlist for your planned surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), we will regularly contact you to check whether you wish to remain on the list, and to confirm your availability.

How we will contact you

Patients on planned surgery or planned procedure waitlists may have previously received a letter or call to confirm whether they wish to stay on the waitlist.

Now, if you have provided us with a mobile phone number, you may receive an SMS (text message) with a link to a website to answer some questions.

The text message will be sent from MyHospital and will say the following:

Hi [Your name]

We are conducting a routine review of our planned surgery waiting list to ensure our records are accurate. Click the link below to confirm your place on the waiting list.

[Link to confirm]

Please submit your responses today.

Thank you

The Royal Melbourne Hospital
(03) 9342 8400

Information we will ask you

The link in the text message will take you to a website that will list the following information:

  • Your name
  • The procedure you are waiting for
  • The RMH unit or department
  • Your waitlist category (either 1, 2 or 3)
  • Your status on the waitlist

If any of this information is incorrect, contact the Planned Surgery Bookings Office on (03) 9342 8400.

We will then ask:

  • Your surname and date of birth (for security purposes)
  • Do you still require this procedure?

These questions help us to make sure that our records are up to date.

We will never ask for credit card information or payment, or personal medical information such as your patient ID or medical history.

If you choose to be removed from the waitlist

If you indicate in your response that you wish to be removed from the planned surgery waitlist, a member of our team will contact you to confirm.

Concerns about spam or privacy

Anyone concerned about these text messages can contact the Planned Surgery Bookings Office on (03) 9342 8400.

Concerns about your health while on a waitlist

We encourage you to stay in regular contact with your general practitioner (GP) while waiting for your planned surgery or procedure.

Please contact your GP or the Planned Surgery Bookings Office on (03) 9342 8400 if you are concerned that your health is deteriorating or if you are suffering from pain.

If you can't see your GP

If you can't see your GP, there are other services that can offer urgent but non-emergency medical care:

In an emergency or life-threatening situation, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

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