What our patients and nurses need most is the difference your support can make.

2017 Autumn Appeal

Support our Autumn Appeal and donate today.

Your gift will go towards the purchase of additional equipment that will help ensure our patients are comfortable and safe.

We are committed to putting patients and their needs first and that includes keeping them comfortable and supported.  And sometimes it is the simple items that make a real impact on a patient’s welfare.

We asked Director of Nursing and Operations, Doriana Andreou, what our nurses really need for their patients. After all, our nurses see first-hand what makes a real difference to the people we care for.  She returned with a list of their top three equipment needs:

  • Bladder scanners – this is an essential tool for nurses caring for people who have undergone surgery or have been under anaesthetic
  • Vital signs monitor - these monitor a patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature and alert staff of any changes.  They are used on every ward in the hospital
  • Recliner patient chairs – these provide a comfortable alternative to sitting in bed, and for some patients, it helps provide some light physiotherapy by allowing them to move around.

Some people spend days, weeks and sometimes even months at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, fighting for their lives or recovering from life-changing and complex illnesses and surgeries.  It is these people who will be helped by your donation today.  People like Melinda.

Melinda comes to The Royal Melbourne for a heart condition:

“The staff are amazing and they do anything they can to make me feel comfortable. Even little things, like having my own vital signs machine makes a difference because i don’t have to keep changing to a new one.”

Please support our Autumn Appeal with a gift today.  Your gift will help purchase the top three medical equipment items needed by our patients and nurses.

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