Your support will make a big difference to people like Amy who are undergoing painful cancer treatment. 

Cancer appeal - Spring 2016

Donate to our Cancer Services and help us purchase Niki Pumps and other medical equipment that will ease the pain during cancer treatment.

Like so many facing cancer, Amy is a fighter.

Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the 26-year-old endured intensive chemotherapy followed by a life-saving bone marrow transplant – only to suffer indescribable pain from a nasty side effect known as mucositis.

Her throat and mouth were filled with ulcers, and the inflammation was so bad that Amy couldn’t eat, drink, swallow, or even talk. She was admitted to our intensive care unit and spent three weeks battling extreme pain.

The only way to administer medication and offer some relief was through a small machine called a Niki Pump.

We urgently need to raise $100,000 to purchase six more Nikki Pumps and other medical equipment items that are absolutely crucial to easing the pain of some our most vulnerable patients. Please make a generous donation today.

Niki Pumps are small, lightweight, portable syringe pumps that continuously deliver medicine at a controlled and steady rate. It eliminates the need for constant needles or tablets. For patients like Amy who can’t swallow, or who need continual medication through their treatment, Niki Pumps are invaluable.

We also need four more adjustable Patient Recliner Chairs. For long-term patients like Amy, sitting out of bed helps with deeper breathing and reduces the chance of lung infections.

Please donate to The Royal Melbourne’s Cancer Services Appeal today. Your gift will help us buy Niki Pumps, Patient Recliner Chairs and other medical equipment that are vital to our cancer patients.

While Amy is on the road to recovery, there are many other cancer patients who are in extreme pain and in desperate need of our care and attention.

Please support cancer patients like Amy with a generous donation today – and help us ease the extreme pain felt during treatment.

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