Your support will make a big difference to heart patients like Jess who need our expert cardiac care.

Cardiac Care Appeal

Donate to our Cardiac Care Appeal today and help purchase a 3D Heart Mapping System and other life-saving equipment that will help people suffering with heart diseases.

Your donation today will help people like Jess.  Jess was an aspiring athlete but was experiencing heart palpitations and regular episodes of dizziness and extreme fatigue. When she came to us, she thought she was having a heart attack.

After many tests and studies, Jess was diagnosed with a serious kind of irregular heartbeat and needed ablation therapy; a procedure that blocks the trigger points of the disturbances within the heart.

We urgently need to raise $300,000 for medical equipment such as a 3D Heart Mapping System. It provides all the information we need to diagnose and treat all types of irregular heartbeats with greater clarity and efficiency.  Please make a generous donation today.

Last year we cared for more than 2,400 people like Jess in our Cardiac Care Unit and this year we expect the number of people who need our expertise to rise. We need state-of-the-art equipment and technology to help diagnose and treat even more heart patients.

There are three reasons why we urgently need a 3D Heart Mapping System:

  1. It quickly and accurately creates highly detailed images of the heart. This allows doctors to diagnose a patient faster and apply treatment sooner.
  2. It shows the precise location of the trigger points requiring ablation
  3. The patient can spend less time in hospital because of faster, less invasive procedures

Although Jess could no longer be an athlete, she could still pursue her other dream to have a family, thanks to the world-class treatment she received at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“My biggest concern was getting through pregnancy itself because of the demands it places on your heart. But it was worth it. Angus is now 10 and Bridget is 5 and they are the best things that have ever happened to me.”

Today Jess is happy and living a very different life to the one she had planned. But it’s a life she may have lost, had it not been for the treatment she received at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and your support. 

Please support heart patients like Jess with a generous donation today. You will not only be making an enormous difference to their treatment, you will be helping to save more lives.

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The Cardiology Department at The Royal Melbourne is recognised world-wide for its comprehensive services and ground-breaking research. Your donation is greatly appreciated.



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