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Prof George Braitberg - Emergency Department

More than 66,000 people come through our Emergency Department every year.

Donate today and help us purchase life-saving equipment for our emergency and trauma departments, so we can save lives and keep families together.

“Working in the Emergency and Trauma Department at The Royal Melbourne Hospital can be challenging. For whatever reason a patient comes to us, be it an accident or a severe-illness, we see people who are at their most vulnerable.”

Professor George Braitberg, Director of Emergency Medicine, The Royal Melbourne Hospital

As one of two of Victoria’s adult trauma centres, the RMH Emergency Department (ED) treats 4000 traumas each year, with up to 1000 of those being classified as major traumas.

Professor George Braitberg, Director of Emergency Medicine at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, has been dealing with the aftermath of road trauma for almost three decades. To George and his team, treating a patient from a trauma is like conducting an orchestra – everyone has their role to play.

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The Trauma team involves people from across various specialities of the hospital including Emergency, Neurosurgical, Orthopaedic, Plastic, Surgical, Intensive Care, Anaesthetic, Urological, Ophthalmological, Maxillofacial, ENT and Allied Health services. 

Please donate to The Royal Melbourne’s emergency and trauma services today. Your gift will help us purchase critical equipment needed to save lives, and keep families together. Learn more about the equipment we need for our emergency and trauma departments.

To read more about the work of our ED and trauma team and to go behind-the-scenes to see their life-saving work, go to www.racv.com.au/impact.

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