The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a world leader in heart research, but we urgently need to purchase new equipment and carry out more research to improve treatments and hopefully find a cure for heart arrhythmias.

Heart Rhythm Centre Appeal - Winter 2017

Donate to our Heart Rhythm Centre Appeal today.

Your support will help improve treatments for arrhythmia and save more lives like Phoebe’s.

Donate to our Heart Rhythm Centre Appeal today and help us establish a dedicated, state-of-the-art Heart Rhythm Centre. There, our teams will be able to treat more than 2,500 people like Phoebe a year, making a huge impact on our patients’ quality of life and reducing their risk of stroke, heart failure and death.

Phoebe was on her way to achieving her dream of competing in the Olympics when she started feeling light-headed, lethargic and short of breath during training.

After many rounds of tests and studies at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, plus another attack while out training on the water, Phoebe was diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, a type of cardiac arrhythmia that spikes uncontrollably, particularly during exercise.

Phoebe underwent ablation therapy for her condition here at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and it saved her life.

Now we urgently need to raise $5.5 million to establish a Heart Rhythm Centre so we can stay at the forefront of arrhythmia treatment and research and save more lives like Phoebe’s. Please make a generous donation today.

After her recovery, Phoebe went back to rowing. She was over the moon to be selected for the women’s eight team, which went on to qualify for the London Olympics.           

She then retired and went back to finish her degree in optometry. She got married and everything seemed to be going well until she started experiencing symptoms again.

Terrified, Phoebe came back to The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Luckily, the technology for heart mapping and tracing had greatly improved since her last procedure and her doctor was confident they would be able to pinpoint and successfully treat the trigger point for her arrhythmia. Phoebe had another procedure and her heart has been perfect ever since.

The technology to treat conditions like Phoebe’s has come so far in such a short space of time, but there is still so much more to be done.

Please support heart patients like Phoebe with a generous donation today. As well as helping our teams give arrhythmia patients life-saving treatment, we will be able to conduct research to find a cure for this condition.

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