Supply of drugs for the treatment of TB across Victoria is coordinated through the Royal Melbourne Hospital Pharmacy

Rifampicin molecule structure of rifampin antibiotic

TB treatment drugs are provided free of charge for patients notified to the Department of Health, and generally dispensed through hospital pharmacies, or through community pharmacies where arrangements have been made.

Instructions and tips for TB medication ordering

  • Complete all section of the spreadsheet – incomplete orders will be referred back for completion
  • Complete the order electronically to allow totals to be calculated automatically - do not hand write
  • Order quantities should not exceed one month
  • Attach SAS forms, which are required for each patients requiring SAS medication with every order
  • Email the order to us - you can call or email us with enquiries
  • Estimated turn around time for orders is 24-48 hours for existing accounts on non-SAS products, and 48-72 hours for existing accounts on SAS products.

Please anticipate that new accounts (ie first-time orders) may require 1 week for establishment and registration.


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.

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