Collection Requirements

6mL EDTA tube (Blood Bank)

Tube Colour


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Medicare rebatable Item 65096


Extended (3 months) expiry on group and screen - available for surgical patients only, who have no red cell antibodies and have not been transfused or pregnant within the last three months. 1. SPECIMENS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR PRETRANSFUSION TESTING UNLESS: i) the specimen and request slip conform to the Blood Transfusion protocols of the relevent site. If Bradma labels are used they must be signed and dated to confirm the patient ID has been checked. ii) The specimen collection declaration is completed by the person collecting and labelling the specimen. Please label the request slip with the ward and clinical details. 2. IF URGENT, TELEPHONE THE LABORATORY. 3. Use "Transfusion Test/ Product Request Form".

Test code: GS90

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