The life of a research project is complex and the Office for Research team is here to assist, advise and help you navigate through these processes

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The Office for Research strengthens the RMH's commitment to research excellence for the best of health for all Victorians and the wider community beyond. The aims of our Office are to:

  • Provide leadership within the RMH for the conduct of medical research
  • Market our innovations to secure greater levels of funding for our research
  • Coordinate the administration of research related activities: research governance, the RMH Human Research Ethics Committee, and the financial management of research funds
  • Provide advocacy advice, assistance and encouragement to all staff wishing to pursue clinical research activities
  • Coordinate employment of staff whose salaries are funded by research grants

All research in Australia involving human participants is reviewed by an independent group called a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

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Research governance

Research governance is a framework through which an institution is accountable for the scientific quality, ethical acceptability and safety of the research it allows to be conducted.

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance (QA) projects are an essential and integral part of improving the quality of healthcare service and delivery. 

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Post-approval project management

Our organisation, the ethics committee and investigators must ensure that the research continues to conform to approved ethical standards, and in accordance with the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Research Policy throughout its lifecycle.

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Conducting research at the RMH

As part of our service to researchers, collaborators and sponsors, we have compiled a knowledge bank of essential elements required to setup and conduct a research project.

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Education, training & resources

The success of any research study depends on highly trained study teams

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The Office for Research manages all aspects of internal and external funding administration for research purposes.

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