We work with you and your family or carers to set goals for what you want to achieve from your stay in hospital.

We will plan your care around these goals and discuss your care plan with you and your carer throughout your stay.

We will help you to achieve as much as possible, so you are as well prepared as possible when you leave hospital. We will discuss your expected discharge date with you early in your stay and work towards achieving it.

When you no longer need hospital care, it may be more appropriate for you to receive the services you need in other locations (such as at home, another facility or residential care).

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Modifying your home

We can help you work out how to modify your home so you can get around more easily.

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Specialist Clinics (Outpatients)

Sometimes people need to attend a specialist clinic for a check-up, specialist treatment or ongoing care at the hospital. 

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Why travel into the hospital for your appointment, when you can connect to us with a Telehealth video call?

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Our RMH@Home service provides hospital-level care for patients in their home environment.

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City Hub after-hours service

We provide telephone and telehealth-based support and care in the after-hours period to patients and carers of eligible programs.

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Transition care

Providing care and restorative services to older people.

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Residential care

Do you need longer term care at home or in a residential care facility?

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Last updated 08 February 2023