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Parking near the RMH Elizabeth St

Limited parking is available at the RMH Elizabeth St. You must reserve a spot in advance to be able to access the car park.


Getting to the RMH Royal Park

Find out more about parking and public transport options near the RMH Royal Park.


Access to the RMH Royal Park

All clinical and patient areas at the RMH Royal Park are accessible for people with disabilities.


Parking near the RMH Parkville

Limited parking is available in the RMH Parkville car park. The car park is open 7 days a week, 6am to 9pm. If you are a regular visitor, a reduced parking rate is available.


Access to the RMH Parkville

All clinical and patient areas at the RMH Parkville are accessible for people with disabilities.


Metro Tunnel Project

Construction of the Metro Tunnel may cause some delays for you coming to or leaving the hospital.


Staff benefits

We have a range of initiatives to support employees in their work, as well as to recognise the achievements and contributions of individuals and teams.


Visiting the RMH Royal Park

Find out about our amenities at the RMH Royal Park to plan your visit.


Getting to the RMH Parkville

Find out more about parking, public transport and the Metro Tunnel works near the hospital.

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