A clinical trial is a scientific study of a new medication or device that involves human volunteers. Clinical trials are a test of the effectiveness of the new treatment and how safe it is. Clinical trials are also used to find new uses for existing medicines.

Why are clinical trials needed?

Clinical trials are necessary to show that a new treatment is safe and effective for use in humans.

Clinical trials help confirm the following:

  • If the treatment being studied will work
  • What the side effects are
  • How well they are tolerated
  • What the correct dose of a medicine should be

This helps doctors to decide if the new treatment is more effective or safer than existing medicines or treatments. A clinical medication trial is commenced only after results of testing in the laboratory has been completed with positive results.

New treatments, medications and medical devices cannot be approved for use in Australia without going through clinical trials.

At the RMH, we believe that clinical trials are not supplementary or adjunct to patient care - they are patient care. We have the capacity to undertake trials in all phases, from first-in-human to phase IV. 

We have a longstanding track record in conducting clinical trials across all disciplines.

Research nurse assisting patient in Clinical Trials Centre

Clinical trials & research studies

Clinical trials are a very important part of the research process. New treatments, medications and medical devices cannot be approved for use in Australia without going through clinical trials. 

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Clinical trial phases

Clinical trials for medication, treatment and devices are divided into phases.

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Our Clinical Trials Centre

The Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) is a dedicated purpose-built space for conducting clinical trials. All clinical trial visits at the Royal Melbourne Hospital take place in this space.

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Common questions about clinical trials

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These websites provide more information about clinical trials in general, how they are conducted in Australia and how to participate in trials.

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The RMH Clinical Trials Centre
Clinical Trials Centre

The Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) is a dedicated, purpose-built space where we conduct clinical trials.

The CTC is located on Level 2 South. When you arrive, if you are unsure where to go, talk to one of our friendly volunteers or the information desk staff.