Real care. People first.

We want your time with us to be as positive and comfortable as possible. We aim to ensure every person who comes to hospital has access to the care they need, when they need it, in a safe environment.

We are committed to working with you - our patients, consumers, carers and community - to further improve your experience and outcomes. 

VIDS clinical staff member on 9 East 2
What you need to know up front

Find out more about what you need to know before you come in for a hospital stay.

What you need to know up front
VIDS Nurse Cath caring for patient with COVID-19
What you should tell us

Find out more about what we need to know from you about your hospital stay.

What you should tell us
Glasses resting on an open book
What you need to bring (and not bring)

Find out more about what to bring - and not bring - for your hospital stay.

What you need to bring
COVID-19 patient in the ICU with staff member

Your hospital stay

What are the rooms like? Can I bring in my own meals? How do you keep my local specialist or GP informed? Find out more about the things you need to know while you stay in hospital.

Patient and nurse on Ward 8b during COVID 1

Family and friends can call us to find out about your condition.

Only general information is given to callers. Staff are not authorised to give specific personal information about a patient's treatment or condition to callers over the phone.

This video shows nurses and doctors walking through the corridors of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They are interacting with patients.

A health revolution takes real heart

People are at the heart of everything we do. We take the time to understand how we can make the most positive difference for them. Our patients provide the best stories, and sometimes we are privileged to share them.

The Melbourne Way

We do things the Melbourne Way. We put people first, we lead with kindness, and we achieve excellence together. We are the Royal Melbourne Hospital.