A world-leading immunology research centre that will look at the immune system in greater depth than ever before will be established here in Parkville, thanks to a generous $100m investment from the Snow Medical Research Foundation.

RMH, WEHI and Snow Foundation
Colleagues from the RMH and WEHI join special guests from the Snow Medical Research Foundation for the announcement of the Snow Centre for Immune Health.

The Snow Centre for Immune Health, announced today, will see a new partnership between the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI).

The centre will focus on solving the grand challenges of immunology and revolutionise how immune diseases, such as lupus, arthritis and asthma, are understood and treated.
The RMH’s chief executive, Shelley Dolan, said the hospital was proud to play an integral role in building on Australia’s already rich legacy in immunology.

“Today marks a new and exciting chapter in the journey between the RMH and the WEHI with the RMH the major clinical partner in the Snow Centre for Immune Health,” Prof Dolan said.

“Funded by a generous and insightful donation by the Snow family, The Snow Centre for Immune Health will transform our understanding of immune health and illness.

“The centre will draw together the brilliance of WEHI science with the outstanding clinicians and clinical resources of the RMH to advance our knowledge and thereby improve the diagnosis and care of the many millions who suffer from disorders of the immune system.”

Prof Dolan said the centre would help patients in Australia, and across the globe.
“The Snow Centre is not just a project for today; it’s a legacy that will shape the future of healthcare for generations to come,” she said.

Prof Dolan added that she was deeply grateful for the foresight and generosity of the Snow Medical Research Foundation.

The centre will be co-led by Professor Jo Douglass, Head of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at the RMH, and colleagues at the WEHI.

Prof Douglass said that the long-term vision and funding from would help speed up the often-slow process of translating research discoveries into practice, helping thousands of people as a result.

“The integrated design of the Snow Centre for Immune Health will ensure the best treatments are immediately available to patients in the clinic.”

She added that the partnership “reflects our shared purpose of building highly impactful and multidisciplinary research, together”.

“The RMH looks forward to building on its commitment to research excellence for the best of health for all Victorians, the wider community, and beyond,” she said.

The 10-year commitment will fund the next generation of researchers and support ongoing and cutting-edge immunology research.

The centre will employ more than 50 scientists and staff within its first five years of operation.

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