Collection Requirements

72 hour faecal collection and 8.5 ml Serum. Serum A1AT level should also be requested. Use appropriate collection containers for faeces (eg screw capped white faceal or o/n urine containers). Ensure that containers are not overfilled and that the start and end date and time is clearly recorded on each container.

Tube Colour

Faeces + Gold

Test image(s)

Requires own tube?




Reference Interval

See report



Reference Laboratory

SA Pathology, 7 Froame Rd, Adelaide SA 5000. tel 08 8222 3981


Medicare rebatable Item 66635


Paired serum (A1AT) and faecal specimen (FA1AT) are required to be collected. Referrals from external laboratories are not accepted for processing.

Laboratory Notes:

Register the 72 hour faecal collection on one episode, record the weights from each container and enter the total weight for the collection and the start and end date/times of the 72 hour period. Do not reject if serum has not been collected, ask Biochem to check if there is a blood sample in the lab sample that this can be added on to - if not request one be collected and sent within 24 hours of the collection end time. Provide samples to Biochem once registered.

Biochemistry staff will seal and freeze the collection, check that a serum A1AT level is available and then provide the frozen collection along with the cover sheet with the serum A1AT level written on it back to CSR for intersate dispatch.

Test code: FA1AT

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