Tube Colour: 
Dark Green On Ice
PMET, normetanephrine, biogenic amines
Test Code: 
Collection Requirements: 
6 mL Lithium heparin NO GEL ON ICE - It is preferred that the patient be resting supine for 15 mins prior to collection. It should be noted on the request if the sample is fasting/non-fasting and supine/non-supine. - The specimen is usually collected from an indwelling line. - Samples should be immediately sent to the Laboratory on ice.
Requires own tube?: 
Reference Laboratory: 
Austin PathologyAustin Hospital145 Studley RoadHeidelberg, Vic 3084tel 03 9496 3100fax 03 9496 1674
Reference Range: 
Normetanephrine <900 pmol/L Metanephrine < 500 pmol/L
If results are moderately elevated (3 x upperlimit), it is recommended that a second analysis is performed with a 12 hr fasting specimen collected after rest (>15min) in the supine position as requirements. Consideration should also be given to medications, especially those with potential to alter levels of biogenic amines such as Aldomet, Tricyclic Antidepressants, MAO inhibitors and other adrenergic agonists or antagonists. Potential illnesses may also contribute to altered states of biogenic amines. Other biochemical evaluation such as 24hr urinary catecholamines or metanephrines should also be considered. Persistant highly elevated levels may be associated with the presence of a neuro-endocrine tumour and the profile of excretion may relate to tumour type.