Electric vehicle team photo
Electric charging stations
Nathanael Sneddon and Meagan Rhodes with EV stations
Jared Tower, Nathanael Sneddon and Meagan Rhodes with the electric vehicle stations at the RMH Royal Park1/3

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) has recently installed 32 electric vehicle charging stations at our Royal Park and Parkville sites.

The project was headed up by the RMH facilities management team – who took the plunge and jumped on a Victorian Government initiative to switch our general fleet vehicles to electric cars.

The General Pool cars are used by a range of departments including physiotherapy, hospital in the home and rehabilitation. The fleet cars allow our staff to make home visits to our patients – but with the electric fleet now in movement it will be emission free.

Nathanael Sneddon, Facilities Management Helpdesk Manager, has been involved in setting up the project and said it made sense to get involved given this is the future for our fleet cars.

“We’re not only going to save money from the government grants but soon enough other departments will want access to charging stations for their own cars, and having stations available and ready means we’re prepared for the future,” Nathanael said.

The Royal Park based physiotherapist Jared Tower uses the fleet cars to conduct home visits to patients who have complex care needs. The advantage of providing this in home care has been beneficial in helping patients feel more comfortable and achieve their goals.

“This allows us to help our patients and their families to achieve home based goals in their own home environment,” Jared said.

The RMH plans to move all its fleet vehicles to electric in the coming years.

Mobile Stroke Unit with Ambulance Victoria paramedic and the RMH Stroke team
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