We have an exciting new program for heart failure patients at the RMH.

Dr Shareen Jaijee
Cardiologist Dr Shareen Jaijee is excited to launch the iPad lending program for eligible RMH cardiology patients. Dr Jaijee features in our English-language iPad instructional videos.

If you’re a heart failure patient at our services, and you don’t have access to a device for your Telehealth appointments, you can now borrow an iPad, blood pressure device and saturation monitor from the RMH Cardiology unit through our lending program.

The program, cardiologist Dr Shareen Jaijee said, is so that people can access high quality treatment in the comfort of their own home, without needing to drive far, navigate public transport or pay for parking and overnight stays.

"We noticed that many people were missing their appointments due to logistical difficulties, like having to find somewhere to stay the night, or having to take a lengthy drive,” Shareen said.

"We then took a look at the numbers and we found that 27% of our patients do not have internet connection and 46% of our patients do not have access to a laptop or tablet.

From those who borrow a iPad from us, we found that 70% of those patients come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, and more of these patients were women.”

"We took this all into consideration to design a program where patients can access the same care they get at our services, without having to miss out on work or family commitments.”

Instructions for the devices are on the RMH’s YouTube channel in five languages, including Mandarin, Greek and Arabic, based on the linguistic needs of patients.

"The lending program is another way we’re reducing barriers to care, and we hope to see more patients this way.”

For more information and to view the videos, please see our Heart failure Telehealth device lending program webpage.

Mobile Stroke Unit with Ambulance Victoria paramedic and the RMH Stroke team
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