Carly Findlay OAM is a patient at the Royal Melbourne Hospital - she’s been a patient here for around 17 years, and before that, she was a patient at the Royal Children’s Hospital. 

Carly Findlay OAM
Carly Findlay OAM

Carly says:

“I am a writer, speaker and appearance activist. I have a rare severe skin condition called ichthyosis, and this has meant I’ve spent many hours seeing the RMH dermatology team and also a significant time as an inpatient.

I write and speak a lot about what it’s like to live with ichthyosis - including calling for better media representation of disabled people and people with skin conditions and facial differences. Last year my memoir, Say Hello, was released - it is a resource for people with ichthyosis, and people without.

I also connect with other people with ichthyosis - including young families with babies who have just been diagnosed with ichthyosis. I want to give them hope, to show them what’s possible and also offer advice. I love it when a dermatologist connects me with a little baby and their parents, and I see them grow up.

I am a proud disabled woman. It’s important to centre disabled people on International Day of People with Disability - the day is to celebrate us. While International Day of People with Disability happens on 3 December every year, and it’s a day for disabled people to celebrate and come together, it’s also a day where disabled people work very hard to educate about inclusion, representation and accessibility.

Don’t just remember disabled people, disability issues and inclusion on 3 December, remember, make disability a priority all year round. Buy our art, read our stories, listen to our music, create accessibility, call for better media representation, give us a seat at every table - every day.”

Thank you for sharing your story Carly, and your tireless activism to ensure patients just like you are treated with respect, dignity and equality.

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