These videos demonstrate the safe set up and use of different types of equipment that may be recommended by your occupational therapist

Ensure you practice set up and use of equipment and aids, preferably with a family member present. This will ensure safe and effective equipment use before actual use.

Who are the videos are for?

These videos are for people who have had specific equipment recommended to them by their occupational therapist for use at home. The recommendations are based on the individual’s injuries and functional capacity following a hospital admission.

When are you supposed to use them?

Your therapist will indicate which videos are relevant to you and when to watch them.

If you need help

Contact your occupational therapist if you have any questions or concerns regarding the set up of equipment as shown in these videos.


Shower stools and shower chairs
Manual wheelchair
Over toilet frame
Toilet surround
Long handled reacher
Sock donner
Bottom wiper
Bath transfer bench
Bath board
Non weight bearing transfer for lower limb
ROHO cushion
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