We can provide you with permission and advice on correctly using the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) brand.

The RMH branded staff lanyards in a pile
The RMH branded staff lanyards
Branded 'thank you' envelopes for EMR project staff
The RMH branded envelopes

The RMH brand has been developed over 175 years caring for our community, and it is important to maintain the trust we have built.

If you would like to request use of the RMH brand, including our logo, contact our Communications team by emailing mh-communications@mh.org.au

Please include in your request:

  • Details of where and how the brand will be used
  • Any proposed materials that may be relevant to your request

As a public health organisation, we will not endorse the use of the logo for commercial purposes.

Staff in scrubs being photographed outside the RMH Parkville main entrance

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Media enquiries

We provide a media service from 6am to 10pm each day. Journalists are welcome to contact our media advisor on-call via the RMH Switchboard on (03) 9342 7000.

During business hours, journalists can email mh-communications@mh.org.au. We do not respond to emails outside business hours.