David has now been manager of Spiritual Care Services at Royal Melbourne Hospital for over 9 years. He loves coming to work, with a diverse and talented team, and his passion for patient care continues - visiting the stroke, neurosurgery and trauma units weekly, as well as covering referrals. This is challenging, but always fascinating for David.

David is the Director of the RMH Clinical Pastoral Education Centre, which trains people to work in the field, from a wide variety of backgrounds (including teaching, nursing and AH professions, usually in conjunction with a Pastoral Care degree.) He is an accredited Clinical Pastoral Educator and is Australian representative to the International Congress of Pastoral Care and Counselling. David holds qualifications in theology/philosophy, fine arts and management, and is a member of the Melbourne Health Research Ethics Committee. David is married to Anja, a music therapist and mindfulness teacher, is a practising artist (exhibiting occasionally) and he and Anja enjoy bushwalking, gardening, tai chi and concerts together.