The RMH Metabolic Diseases Unit (MDU) is an internationally recognised service offering comprehensive treatment, care and support for people with genetic metabolic disorders.

Key points

  • We are the statewide service managing care for adults with metabolic conditions across Victoria and Tasmania.
  • We are a multidisciplinary unit consisting of specialist doctors, nurses and dietitians.
  • We provide care for patients including specialised care for women with inborn errors of metabolism wishing to conceive and those that are pregnant.

We manage the ongoing treatment for patients with metabolic conditions through a consultative approach.

We work closely with patients to ensure their conditions are controlled and monitored through ongoing contact, treatment and assessment for effective management of their condition.

Our team


Consultants oversee the treatment and assessment for patients with rare metabolic conditions. They have overall responsibility in ensuring patients have the knowledge, guidance and education to manage their disease.

Clinical Nurse Consultants

We have a group of dedicated clinical nurse consultants that coordinate and manage the care of patients. The nurses work closely with the metabolic consultants to support the ongoing treatment of patients.


The Metabolic Diseases Unit has a team of dietitians with specialist training in the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders. The dietitians work closely with all members of the metabolic team to educate patients, parents, carers and other healthcare professionals in the dietary management of these very rare disorders.

Last updated 05 June 2024