Find out more about our Metabolic Diseases Unit

Metabolic Diseases Unit

We provide treatment, care and support for people with metabolic disorders.

Clinical service overview

Specialist clinic services

The majority of the services offered to patients with genetic metabolic diseases are provided through specialist clinic appointments. The Metabolic Diseases Unit aims to provide patients with the treatment, support and education to maintain control and manage their condition. Patients receive a holistic approach to their care during their regular reviews by our multidisciplinary team.

Dietary services

The management of some inherited metabolic diseases involves the provision of special formula or meals both when patients are well and unwell. The Metabolic dietitians provide patients with nutritional support both in an inpatient and specialist clinic setting. 

Inpatient services

While one of the primary goals of this service is to maintain optimal patient wellbeing in an specialist clinic setting, there will be occasions when individuals require either planned admission to hospital or emergency treatment. Our metabolic clinical team provides expert advice and support to facilitate the management of patient care from admission to discharge. 

Obstetric services

Our team provides support to external obstetric centres regarding the routine and emergency management of metabolic patients during all stages of pregnancy, including preconception and postpartum management. 

Last updated 14 February 2023