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New study finds thrombectomy benefits patients with large ischaemic strokes

13 February 2023

A recent study has shown that endovascular thrombectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that removes blood clots, can improve the outcomes of patients with large ischaemic strokes.

Palliative care research awarded $100,000 grant

03 February 2023

New research to enhance the timeliness and responsiveness of care for palliative care patients has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the Avant Foundation.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital opens its new cardiac catheter laboratory

31 January 2023

The Royal Melbourne hospital (RMH) has opened its third cardiac catheter laboratory (cath lab), allowing for thousands more patients to be treated for heart conditions.

Brain interface proves to be safe and effective

24 January 2023

A device the size of a small paperclip, created to give people with severe paralysis the ability to communicate again, has been shown to be safe.

Road traumas on the rise in warmer weather

22 December 2022

Data collected by the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) trauma team shows an increase in motor vehicle collision presentations throughout the spring and summer months.

The RMH Scrub Choir launches holiday disco special

21 December 2022

The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s (RMH) Scrub Choir has launched its disco holiday special.

Five years on the road: Mobile Stroke Unit treats more than 2,700 patients

08 December 2022

The first of its kind to hit the road in Australia, Melbourne’s highly successful Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) has treated thousands of patients and changed the outcomes of so many Victorians.

The RMH launches new service supporting ‘silver trauma’ patients

05 December 2022

In an Australian-first, the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) has launched a new service to support older trauma patients.

New investment takes Hepatitis B research one step closer to finding a cure

16 November 2022

A team of scientists have been awarded $1.7 million over the next five years, to advance world-first research into a cure for hepatitis B virus infection thanks to a grant from the mRNA Victoria Activation Program.

RMH Genetic Counsellors provide “exceptional care” - patient Jess

09 November 2022

In the midst of 2020, 23-year-old Jess found herself with some unusual chest pains that she put down to going through her first COVID-19 lockdown. With the pain becoming severe, she made her way to our ED where scans showed cardiologists what Jess wasn’t expecting.

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