Air Ambulance takeoff from RMH helipad
12 October 2015

Emergency helicopters play a key role in providing medical and trauma services to patients who are critically ill or who may be involved in serious accidents

Zoe Creelman walking using 3D motion capture
07 October 2015

Next January marks two years since Zoe Creelman lost her left foot in a freak boating accident. It is also the month she plans to finish a five-kilometre run.

07 October 2015

Melbourne Health has been announced as a finalist in the Health category for this year's Premier's Sustainability Awards for the Melbourne Health Think Green program.

21 September 2015

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is calling for adults aged between 18-75 years with diagnosed epilepsy to participate in a dietary therapy trial, investigating if the modified Atkin’s diet reduces epileptic seizures.

07 September 2015

It’s not often that you get to celebrate with a kidney-shaped cake, and this was no ordinary celebration.

04 September 2015

Delegates to the 2015 Australasian HIV/AIDS conference will be able to see The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Infectious Diseases specialist, Dr Schulz, present poster on the clinical and research services provided by this hospital’s Victorian Infectious Diseases Service to address the complex healthcare needs of patients with HIV and viral Hepatitis.

New facilities and entrance to the RMH as part of the VCCC Project
25 August 2015

Three leading experts have been appointed by the VCCC Alliance to oversee and enhance research programs at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).

21 August 2015

On Wednesday 19 August 2015, we conducted our annual Community Meeting. Melbourne Health leadership and staff joined with patients, carers and members of the community to talk about how we can improve our services. Find out more about what we heard…

Researcher looking through microscope
14 August 2015

Melbourne medical researchers are at the forefront of an international collaboration to uncover a new genetic cause of primary immune deficiency in a Melbourne family.

13 August 2015

The RMH was saddened to hear of the recent death of former Board member Mrs Marion Page (nee McPherson and formerly Mrs Julian Orm Smith), at the age of 97.