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Current vacancies

Find your new career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH).


Problems with grief & loss

Grief and loss are part of life. It's important to realise that grieving is a normal process and that you may need some help while going through this period.


Nursing careers

A nursing career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital is a rewarding experience offering great prospects for career diversity and professional advancement.


Antipsychotic dose reduction to improve recovery and function in young people with psychosis Research study

The REDUCE study is testing whether reducing the dosage of antipsychotic medication of people recovering from their first episode of psychosis can lead to them having better recovery outcomes.


Kath wins ACRA award News article

The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Kath Kelly has received an award from Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association. 


10 Years on: how blood transfusions in the air have transformed trauma care News article

In 2011 the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and Air Ambulance Victoria (AAV) worked together to establish the first service to allow helicopters to carry blood products on board.


A hard act to swallow – how Greg bounced back from a stroke of misfortune News article

Greg suffered a major stroke in late 2022, something he understatedly describes as an ‘interesting experience’. 


International recruitment & sponsorship opportunities

Are you an internationally qualified nurse currently residing outside of Australia or qualify to be sponsored? Find out more about our nursing opportunities.


Work with us

Working in pharmacy at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) offers you diverse and exciting opportunities and training programs to develop and progress your career.


Your treatment team

During your stay in hospital, you are cared for by a team of health professionals and support staff.

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