The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) ICU currently employs 22 intensive care specialists, and more than 60 registrars and residents. 

  • The RMH ICU is accredited for training by CICM including for neurological/neurosurgical, cardiothoracic and trauma ICU requirements 
  • We provide a high quality and successful education program 
  • Our main intake for registrar positions is in February 
  • Opportunities are available at all stages of training including Senior Registrars and post-exam transition year trainees/fellows 


The RMH Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a tertiary/quaternary ICU accredited by the College of Intensive Care Medicine as a C24 training institution. We are one of only two major trauma centres in Victoria, and is accredited for CICM cardiothoracic, neurological/neurosurgical and trauma training requirements.

We are also accredited for training with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine. 

We provide a comprehensive and highly successful program for ICU trainees, with a great choice of training experiences in both basic and advanced critical care. Our consultant-led education program includes 5 hours of protected teaching each week on an extensive range of topics including simulation, presentations from experts within the Parkville precinct and dedicated exam preparation.

In addition the Royal Melbourne Hospital provides multiple critical care courses which are available to ICU trainees, including BASIC, MCEC, EMICC, and the Critical Care Echocardiography Course. These courses attract participants from Australia and overseas. 

The RMH ICU has a dynamic research program and trainees have a broad range of options to participate in quality assurance or research activities, including their CICM formal project.

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Medical rounds in the ICU
Medical rounds in the ICU


ICU training program 

The Intensive Care Unit has a highly successful teaching program for ICU trainees. Our consultant team is actively involved in registrar and resident teaching. They provide valuable advice and guidance to trainees. The RMH ICU education team runs several courses such as MCEC, EMICC and BASIC.

The ICU has three pods and the staffing structure is such that it is very supportive for the trainees. At any one time, the Intensive Care Unit is staffed by two senior registrars and three registrars, one for each pod. From 7.30 am to 12.00 midnight one HMO is rostered for each pod. Registrars have 5 hours a week of protected and paid training time with a formal education program delivered each week.


Our main intake for registrar positions is in February and jobs are usually advertised in May-June. Occasionally we have job openings to start in August. Senior registrar and transition year/fellow positions are available. We also have opportunities for medical and anaesthetic rotations.


Resident positions are centrally allocated through the Medical Workforce Unit. Interested trainees are encouraged to speak with Medical Workforce to request an ICU rotation. 

Medical students

Overseas and interstate medical students are allocated to the Intensive Care Unit through the RMH Clinical School at the University of Melbourne. 


Registrars work in a two-shift roster, including shifts across the ICU pods and externally in the hospital’s referral and MET/Respond Blue team. 

Senior registrars have the opportunity to lead patient care both in- and after-hours with consultant supervision and support.

Rosters include 5 hours protected training time per week.

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Two ICU nurses

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Last updated 10 May 2023