We are a dedicated team of clinical nurse consultants, pharmacists and health scientists led by a Medical Director.

Our team is knowledgeable about and skilled in public health, and committed to the reduction of TB transmission, illness, mortality, disability and harm associated with TB. Our diverse knowledge base enables the team to facilitate innovative solutions to optimise the state response to TB.

The VTP is coordinated from the Doherty Institute as a service of the RMH and focuses on the public health aspects of the response to TB. The staff work with specialist doctors in hospitals across Victoria where treatment is provided.

Our people

Our people are devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of Victorians and the community.

The team includes clinical nurse consultants, epidemiologists, social work, pharmacy, and administration staff led by a medical director.

Clinical nurse consultants

Our clinical nurse consultants (CNCs) coordinate TB care, including advocacy and liaison with major hospitals where people receive medical care for TB disease.

Find out more about what our CNCs do for people affected by TB.

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Looking at an x-ray of lungs for signs of TB
Report a case of active tuberculosis

Active tuberculosis (TB) is a notifiable disease in Victoria.

All cases must be reported to the Department of Health by the patient’s treating doctor or the testing laboratory within 5 days of diagnosis.