The Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC) gives some patients with simple bone and joint injuries access to specialist opinion and management without having to visit the clinic in person.

Please note: The VFC is a follow-up clinic that is only for patients who have been to the Emergency Department at the RMH. Fracture referrals from GPs should be sent via Specialist Clinics (Outpatients).

If you are referred to the clinic, an orthopaedic surgeon will review your imaging, such as x-rays, to determine what treatment is needed. The Virtual Fracture Clinic physiotherapist will then contact you by phone to explain the process.

If the injury is more complex, you may still need to come to the clinic to see the specialist in person.

If you have been to Emergency, the Virtual Fracture Clinic will contact you within two business days after your visit.

Common injuries

Our videos and information sheets provide advice about the care, management and rehabilitation of common injuries managed by the Virtual Fracture Clinic.

This information is designed for patients who are currently being treated by the Virtual Fracture Clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

If you don't understand the information, speak to your treating team at the Virtual Fracture Clinic.

Person with fracture injuries labelled
This drawing shows the different fracture injuries that can happen to each part of the body. Each injury is described in the text below.

Arm and hand injuries

Watch the videos and read our information sheets to help you manage your injury.

Clavicle fracture
AC joint injury
Scapula fracture
Shoulder dislocation
Proximal humerus fracture or surgical neck of humerus (SNOH) fracture
Humerus GT (greater tuberosity) fracture
Shaft of humerus fracture
Elbow dislocation
Radial head or neck fracture
Distal radius fracture
Scaphoid fracture
Hamate fracture
Triquetral fracture

Leg and foot injuries

Watch the videos and read our information sheets to help you manage your injury.

Patellofemoral joint dislocation
Patella fracture
Knee soft tissue injury
Non-weight bearing ankle fracture
Stable ankle fracture
Ankle sprain
Foot fracture
Fifth (5th) metatarsal fracture
Toe fracture
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