Sometimes people need to attend a specialist clinic for a check-up, specialist treatment or ongoing care at the hospital. 

The RMH Parkville and the RMH Royal Park have a large range of specialist clinics for outpatients.

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Find out how we process a referral from your doctor, how you receive follow-up appointments and how we let you know when your appointment will be.

Process your referral

If you have been referred to our specialist clinics, we either:

  • Accept the referral - We will send a letter to your referring doctor that your referral has been accepted.
  • Decline the referral - If all the information we need is not supplied, we will send a letter to your referring doctor to let them know. Your doctor can send in another referral with all the updated information. We may also suggest that your doctor refer you to a health service closer to home, where you would receive the same type of care as the RMH.

Set your appointment date

Once we have accepted your referral, we set your appointment date:

  • Our doctors will determine the urgency of your referral (known as triaging) to determine how soon you need to be seen
  • We will add you to our booking list and will confirm this by sending you a letter
  • We give you an appointment date when a time becomes available

We treat patients in turn, but patients who are more urgent will be seen sooner than other patients.

Attending your appointment

People attending a specialist clinic (outpatients) appointment may be accompanied by one carer or support person.

Set follow-up appointments

Once you've seen one of our doctors, we schedule follow-up or review appointments (if you need them):

  • You will not receive your next appointment date, but you will be added to our booking list
  • We treat patients in turn, but patients who are more urgent will be seen sooner than other patients

Booking timeframes

  • Generally, all new or review appointments are booked close to the time of appointment
  • We will call you for urgent appointments due in under two weeks
  • For non-urgent appointments, we book the appointment around six weeks ahead and will send you a letter with the appointment details
  • If you are expecting an appointment within the next six weeks and have not received notification, contact us
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Questions about your appointment? Need to change or cancel?

If you have questions, you can call Specialist Clinics (Outpatients) on (03) 9342 7393. During busy times, you may be placed in a call queue.

Save yourself time and use our online form to ask questions, change or cancel your appointment.

Contact us
Specialist Clinics (Outpatients)
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
(03) 9342 4234
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Last updated 07 September 2023