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Special visitor to the RMH to help boost patient’s spirits

10 July 2020

After Gavin went through a difficult surgery so far from his home in regional WA, Gavin’s medical team helped organise a special visitor to help boost his morale before he heads home.

Supporting cast: Family, friends and your treating team

14 December 2018

We all need someone to lean on, so make the most of your supporting cast. Family, friends, treating team, carers, support groups, consumer and carer organisations can all offer ongoing and invaluable help, focus and direction to aid your recovery.

Take charge and decide

14 December 2018

Working with mental health professionals, treatment and services works best if you are engaged in your care.

Talking meds

14 December 2018

Consumers talk about coming to terms with and learning to live with the benefits and side effects of their medication.

Getting paid for having a lived experience

14 December 2018

Living with or having lived through mental illness gives you unique insight that can help others going through it. This lived experience is highly desirable in consumer and carer roles, including peer support.

What works, how and why

14 December 2018

Consumers talk about what was most helpful in their recovery journey and share their top tips and practical advice for those starting out.

Five ways to wellbeing and a healthy mind

25 July 2018

We created the 5 Ways to Wellbeing as an easy guide to help you improve your psychological and emotional health every day.

I’m not a diabetic, I just have diabetes

12 June 2015

Here's a story from Raj, a person with diabetes.

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