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Heart Failure RMH Service

We provide treatment for patients whose hearts do not pump enough blood for their body’s needs.


How ICU works

We have a dedicated team of specialist doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff, available 24 hours a day.


New surgical pathways helping patients return home sooner News article

Patients undergoing planned surgery will be able to return home sooner thanks to the support of our 'hospital in the home' service.


ReCov Program RMH Service

We provide support and management plans for people with any ongoing COVID-19 symptoms after their infectious period is over.


Learn about heart failure

Heart failure is a condition where the heart doesn’t pump blood to the rest of your body the way it should. This means your organs and muscles don’t get enough oxygen to function properly.


Dermatology RMH Service

We provide diagnosis, treatment and care for people with skin diseases.


Our clinical initiatives

We are committed to evidence-based best practice, continuous quality improvement and teaching.


Home dialysis

The Home Dialysis service is based at the RMH Royal Park and supports both peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis.


You said. We did.

When you take the time to give us feedback, its important that we share the actions we have taken in response to that feedback.


The RMH researchers receive more than $17 million in grants from NHMRC News article

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) researchers have received $17,480,419 in funding from the latest round of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) grant announcements this week.