When you take the time to give us feedback, its important that we share the actions we have taken in response to that feedback.

Accessing care

“Too much noise in the trolley bay. Too many people walking through – lack of privacy”

Foot traffic was diverted from this area to reduce noise and improve privacy. A ‘Yacker Tracker’ is now used to alert staff when noise levels are increasing

"Access to the toilet facilities in the Clinical Centre at the RMH Royal Park is difficult as I am wheelchair bound and the door is heavy"

Installation of an automatic door allows for improved access for all consumer with mobility difficulties.

"It takes a long time to check in for my appointment in Specialist Clinics"

We introduced kiosks that allow patients to check themselves in. These are located in several locations at the RMH Parkville.

"It was difficult to access a closed caption TV"

Update to digital TV will mean that every TV has the capacity for closed captioning.

"There was no ready access to a disabled toilet for Sleep Clinic patients"

Improved disabled toilet access with additional advice from our occupational therapists.

"Doors on our disabled toilets were too heavy"

Installed automated doors for ease of use.

"The reception desk at the RMH Royal Park Clinical Centre was too high for wheelchairs"

Lowered the desk to ensure that patients in wheelchairs could easily access Reception.

“I’m not very good at technology and probably don’t have the devices to do Telehealth which means I have to travel to Melbourne for my appointment”

Our Telehealth team provides guided one-on-one test calls for patients and carers that find technology scary. Telehealth can be done on any mobile, tablet, laptop or PC but if neither of these devices are available, patients can see their local GP to help facilitate the video call.

“It’s so hard to get a face-to-face interpreter for my language and I often have to resort to phone interpreters”

We introduced video interpreting facilities to support non-English speaking patients when face-to-face support is not available.

“I have so many appointments and it’s physically hard to get to them. I want my brother to come with me but he lives interstate”

Our Telehealth team arranged a 3-way video consultation so the patient and relative were involved in decisions about their care

"It's so difficult to get time off work to attend my appointments. It takes 6 hours of travel time to attend a 10 minute appointment as we live in the country”

Telehealth allows patients to attend their appointments by video, saving them time and alleviating any worries with city traffic and parking.

Comfort & environment

"I'm reluctant to leave the Specialist Clinics waiting room to get a coffee or use the bathroom, in case I miss my appointment"

Many of our clinics enable waiting patients to provide their mobile number so they receive a text message a short while before being called in for their appointment

"When I'm fasting for my procedure and my procedure is then postponed, there is no hot food available."

A system improvement was developed to guide staff on fasting processes, and an after hours selection of hot meals are now available.

"The Oncology waiting area needed significant refurbishment"

New seats were purchased, refreshments were made available, Music Therapy and hand massage opportunities were provided.

"There aren't enough entertainment options on the ward"

We sourced tablets and uploaded Kayo and other apps for entertainment.

“Chairs in my room were uncomfortable”

The ward bought new chairs that are more comfortable.

"It was not pleasant to be in a lift with deliveries, or with bins"

We changed our procedures to designate certain lifts for certain functions.

"We needed to have more appropriate Halal menu options"

A specific Halal menu has been introduced.

"The waiting area in Specialists Clinics was dark and in need of an urgent update"

We have refurbished the 1Centre waiting area with new seating, including reclining chairs.

"It was hard to locate toilets on ward areas"

Clear signs installed for every patient toilet, and automatic sensor lighting.

"Inpatients found it hard to know what the time was"

Installed 300 clocks across the RMH, so that inpatients could easily determine the time.

"Family members had no appropriate place to sleep if they needed to be here overnight"

Purchased new sleeper chairs in areas of high demand.

"Patients and families on an Aged Care ward needed access to a pleasant, calming area"

Created a calming garden area, suitable for patients with dementia.

"The RMH Parkville foyer area was untidy and not welcoming"

Created a pleasant garden area to welcome visitors to the hospital.

"It was quite noisy on our rehabilitation ward"

Installed a "Yacker Tracker" that measures noise levels and reminds staff to keep the noise down.

"I have to wait a long time for my medications to arrive for my treatment in the day centre"

We contact you the day before your treatment to confirm that you will be coming, then order your medications so they are ready for you.

"I'd like to have hot drinks available in the Clinical Centre at the RMH Royal Park"

We installed a hot drinks vending machine.

“I came for a routine appointment and there was so much construction in the foyer I couldn’t work out where to go!”

We added accurate information to the website and continue to advise of construction work.


“It was hard to remember when my appointments were on”

Introduced Health Hub to show people their appointment information.

“I brought my medication from home, but then left it on the ward after discharge”

The ward started using whiteboard and bedside discharge checkbox to remind everyone to take medication home.

“Telehealth webpage was hard to navigate”

Telehealth simplified and streamlined information provided to patients, focussing on patient experience and frequently asked questions.

“I was unable to visit during the COVID wave, and was worried about my family member”

We connected inpatients with their families and friends via video calls on mobile iPads during the lockdowns.

“It’s hard to remember all the information from my specialist clinic appointment”

Started using “Open Notes” for selected appointments. Patients with a Health Hub account can access this information.

"Test results hadn't reached your GP"

Changed our process to ensure that results were communicated.

“The information provided to me and my family while I was in hospital could be improved”

Next-of-kin text messaging has been piloted in three clinical areas, evaluation pending. Plans for further roll out are pending.

“I come in for dialysis 3 times a week … do I really need to do a consent form every time?”

Together with their patients, the Dialysis team developed a consent form that can be done annually.

“My wife’s questions weren’t passed onto the doctor”

Our team encourages families to use the patient whiteboards.

Compassion & respect

“I’d like to help dad order his meals during his inpatient stay”

Introduced a food ordering app that can be used by the patient, or by family at home.

"Some visitors to the Mooroop Wa-Lam-Buk Garden at the RMH Parkville use this area to smoke"

Security now regularly visits this area and enforce our no smoking policy.

“My son has an intellectual disability and I’d like to support him post-surgery”

The Recovery Unit provided a tailored patient centred care option, allowing a carer to be present when the patient woke after surgery.

"Some front-line staff members had been rude and unhelpful"

Ensured that your feedback was discussed with these staff members, and that they attended customer service training.

Safe & effective treatment

“I was forgetting the exercises I needed to do”

The Hand Therapy team is using videos via the Health Hub to educate and remind patients about exercises.

"I was unsure about coming in to the hospital for my day centre appointment during COVID”

Immunology Clinic started a drive-through clinic for patients during COVID-19.

Last updated 14 February 2023