RMH Corporate Partners Luncheon
07 August 2018

Last month, The Royal Melbourne Hospital welcomed some of our corporate partners on site at the City Campus for the first time for our Corporate Lunch.

The ABC’s Top 5 Scientists for 2018, including The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Dr Catherine Granger (far right), completed a two week residency at the ABC to learn about communicating their work and ideas through the media.
25 July 2018

Usually the subject of media interviews herself, The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Dr Catherine Granger recently found herself on the other side of the microphone as part of a two-week residency at the ABC in Sydney.

RMH Organ Donation team members
25 July 2018

The gift of organ donation has the power to saves lives. Despite increased community awareness, the number of patients who need lifesaving transplants continues to exceed the number of generous donors.

5 Ways to Wellbeing
24 July 2018

Most people know what it takes to have a healthy body to keep us living longer. But when it comes to doing things for a healthy mind, it can be a bit hard to know what to do.

Premier Daniel Andrews opening the new RMH winter flex ward.
19 July 2018

The RMH’s new $1.2m winter flex ward, 2 West, is now open, helping to take the pressure off the Emergency Department and the wider hospital during the busy winter season.

18 July 2018

It’s familiar to everyone, it’s available at the corner store, it’s cheap, it’s tasty and it could be the key to chewing away post-surgery nausea.

Healthy Brain Project.jpg
14 June 2018

Why do some people develop Alzheimer’s disease while others don’t?

Professor Frank Vajda and Professor Rinaldo Bellomo
12 June 2018

Two distinguished leaders at The Royal Melbourne Hospital have been recognised in the prestigious Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The garden outside ward 7B
01 June 2018

On 28 May, we were delighted to officially open our Ward 7B Rooftop Garden and welcome the generous supporters whose contributions have made this very special project possible.

ICU Pod D opening event, May 2018
18 May 2018

The Royal Melbourne Hospital’s 42-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is now complete, with the fourth and final Pod officially opened on 18 May.