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Trial to assess a new tablet for plaque psoriasis Research study

Plaque psoriasis is an autoimmune condition characterised by dry, itchy and scaly skin patches. This trial investigates whether people with plaque psoriasis may be able to take an oral treatment to improve the condition.


Assessing a new tablet for plaque psoriasis Research study

Understanding the effect of medication on the body's inflammatory response may lead to new treatments for autoimmune conditions, including psoriasis.


Boyne Russell House Brunswick

We have a reputation for cultural-diversity and providing great, personalised care. Boyne Russell House is fully staffed by registered and enrolled nurses.


Bitopertin as a treatment for erythropoietic protoporphyria Research study

Research project to measure how safe and effective bitopertin (DISC-1459) is in treating participants with erythropoietic protoporphyria.


City Hub after-hours service

We provide telephone and telehealth-based support and care in the after-hours period to patients and carers of eligible programs.


TB services for pharmacists

The supply of medications for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) is managed through the Victorian Tuberculosis Program in conjunction with the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Pharmacy.


Holiday dialysis

Learn more about holiday dialysis options if you are one of our patients and are planning a trip away from Melbourne, or an Australian or overseas traveller visiting Melbourne. 


Launch of Australian-first trial for young people with type 1 diabetes News article

An endocrinologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is leading an Australian-first trial that looks at whether an insulin nasal spray, coupled with an injection, is effective in slowing down the immune attack that causes type 1 diabetes.


Experimental treatment for Parkinson’s disease Research study

This is a study of an experimental treatment (referred to as “study drug”) called CVL-751 as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

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