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BreastScreen RMH Service

We provide free mammographic screening to women aged 40 years and over without breast cancer symptoms or breast problems.


What’s around the RMH Royal Park

If you are coming to the hospital or visiting a friend, have spare time and need something to do, there's a range of things to see near the RMH Royal Park.


Intensive Care Unit RMH Service

We provide sophisticated care and life support for seriously ill or injured patients across the Parkville Precinct.



Ultrasound is an imaging test that uses high frequency sound waves to produce detailed pictures of the inside of your body.


Pharmacy RMH Service

We provide services to all areas of the hospital requiring medicines or involved in medication management.


Interpreters and cultural support

Our Transcultural and Interpreter Services team provides professionally certified interpreting services to help you communicate with staff and be involved in your care throughout your stay at the hospital and at your hospital appointments.


Neural mechanisms of ketamine antidepressant treatment Research study

The NeuroKet study aims to understand how ketamine works as an antidepressant medication. To find out, we are looking at brain activity using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans.


Falls and Balance Clinic RMH Service

We provide multidisciplinary assessment and management planning for patients who have had falls and who have mobility and balance problems.


New $33 million Intensive Care Unit opens for critically ill Victorians News article

Victoria’s first comprehensive Intensive Care Unit (ICU) serving three major Melbourne hospitals has opened at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.


Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine allows us to look at a specific part of the body by giving you a small amount of a dye in your blood, known as a radioactive tracer.  

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