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History of the RMH Royal Park

Learn more about the history of the Royal Melbourne Hospital's Royal Park campus.


Young adults with diabetes

There will come a point – usually around age 16 to 18 – when as a young person with diabetes, you will make the move from childhood medical support services and specialists to adult medical care.


Our archives

The Archives of the Royal Melbourne Hospital document the traditions and history of the oldest public hospital in Victoria.


Historical publications

Historical publications tell the story of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, our services and our people.


Work with us

Working in pharmacy at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) offers you diverse and exciting opportunities and training programs to develop and progress your career.


History of the RMH Parkville

Learn more about the history of the Royal Melbourne Hospital at its inner city Melbourne and Grattan Street sites.


Then and Now: Online photographic exhibition

Be transported back in time and see some of our most-treasured historical photos placed side-by-side with modern-day versions, and read about how we've transformed over the years.


Breakthroughs and milestones

Learn more about the breakthroughs and innovations first achieved at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. 


Movement Disorders Program RMH Service

We provide treatment, care and support for people living with a movement disorder.

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