The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) employs Hospital Medical Officers / Medical Officers (HMOs) who rotate through 4 specialty rotations of 13 weeks.

HMOs are employed by the hospital through direct appointment.

HMOs rotate through:

  • Basic physician training year 1
  • Surgical stream (PGY2 only)
  • General stream (PGY2 only)

Applications for these positions are coordinated internally by Medical Workforce.

Applying for an HMO position directly to the RMH

HMO positions where applicants are appointed directly include:

  • Surgical stream PGY3+
  • General stream PGY3+
  • Critical care PGY3+
  • Pre-SET Orthopaedic Surgery PGY3+
  • Pre-SET General Surgery PGY3+ 
Basic Physician Training Year 1 (BPT1)
Surgical stream
General stream
Critical Care PGY3+
Pre-SET Orthopaedic Surgery PGY3+
Pre-SET General Surgery PGY3+

Frequently asked questions 

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Last updated 05 June 2024